Naming Days - A ceremony to celebrate your child's birth and to welcome the new arrival into the community of your family and friends. The ceremony allows you to declare publicly what it means to you to have this child, and for friends and relatives, to pledge their special relationship with your child. It is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved and to offer their support in your child's future development.

 Renewal of Marriage Vows - This ceremony is for any married couple that wish to celebrate renewing their marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony. This can also be a very special time for you to celebrate an anniversary, reflect and rejoice the history and recommit to the future with vows renewed.

 Commitment - A ceremony for couples who wish to affirm their relationship without the legalities of marriage. It is an ideal way for same sex couples to celebrate their relationship in front of friends and family.

 Funerals - A final tribute at the closure of the life of your loved one.  A personal life narrative, prepared with care and sensitivity, that reflects with dignity and solemnity, as well as affection and humour, a life honoured and remembered. 

Additional celebrations include: retirement ceremonies, divorce ceremonies, adoption ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, house blessings, holidays and seasonal events, business events, special age birthdays, ceremonies to celebrate the transitions in your life - coming of age, middle age, older age.