Do we have to fill out any official paperwork?

Yes, I have all the legal documents required. I will assist you in completing them, and will submit them to the relevant authorities. You will need to provide your Birth Certificates and perhaps other documentation depending on your situation.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about vows, rituals, traditions, etc ??

Yes, I have an extensive resource collection of wedding vows, poetry, readings, and traditional and contemporary customs.  Once we have met, I can email you even more ideas. 

Where do you perform wedding ceremonies?

As a wedding celebrant, I officiate at weddings and other ceremonies at all kinds of venues throughout Victoria. You can choose to have your wedding ceremony indoors or outdoors: at a reception hall, in a park, at home, a historic site or at a favourite restaurant—the choice is totally up to you.

Do we have to be members of a church?

Absolutely not. You do not have to be a church-goer or hold religious beliefs. Of course, some couples may wish to incorporate a religious or spiritual element into the ceremony.

Do you do interfaith ceremonies?

If you and your fiancé come from different religious backgrounds, I can write an interfaith wedding ceremony that blends cultural and religious traditions to honour the beliefs you share as well as your different faiths.

How long would my ceremony be?

Your wedding ceremony can be as short or long as you wish. Depending on your choice of ceremony elements, most weddings last from 15 to 30 minutes.

Do you coordinate with other service providers at the ceremony?

Yes, on the day of your ceremony, I arrive early at the venue to introduce myself and check with the other service providers (eg. photographers, videographers, musicians, etc.).  There is no extra charge for this service.

What will you wear at the ceremony?

Nearly anything you want me to!  However, I usually wear a black suit as a standard.

How do we make sure our ceremony can be heard by everyone?

Although most venues will have a PA (public address) system available, if you need one, a microphone with powered speaker and a CD player can be supplied by me.  There is no extra charge.